Ease your Mind.
Embody Your Life.

Do you struggle with being too much in your head?

Click here to learn how you can ease your thinking brain, and reestablish a more natural balance of body, mind, and life.

  • Do you feel disconnected from your body?
  • Is your head usually racing with thoughts?
  • Do you long for a more embodied, integrated life?

Embodiment may feel like a distant fantasy from where you are now. You’ve tried a lot of methods but haven’t yet found the grounding you are seeking. 

Hello I’m Craig Mollins, a Certified Professional Coach and Embodiment Specialist. I can relate with your struggle, and I want to tell you something:

An overactive thinking brain is not set in stone, rather it’s a learned pattern. Just the same it can be unlearned. Relaxation and embodiment are innate; they are your natural birthright. With proper understanding and good guidance, you can relax your mind, come back home to your body, and lead your life with more clarity, confidence and inspiration

Craig is a natural. His coaching encouraged my process in such a way that some of my biggest fears went from unconquerable, to non-existent.

–Analuz Sanchez, Fashion Designer. New York City

Schedule a complimentary 60 minute Discovery Call to learn how my coaching can help you uncover your innate ease of mind and create a more embodied life.

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