You’ve struggled long enough with a brain that feels too busy, claustrophobic, and tense, and you’re ready to make some changes.  You’ve tried some meditation and other techniques but the mental intensity didn’t respond and let up. You can see now that to get to the heart of the matter you’re going to have to take some serious steps and make a real commitment to making it happen.

Hello again. I’m Craig Mollins and I help people who are ready for some major changes in their body-mind-life balance find the resources to make it happen. I’m passionate about helping people move beyond an overly active brain and back into a more integrated and embodied life. 

My own journey into embodiment started when I was about eight years old, when I would come home after school and lay on my back for an hour, to calm the storm in my mind. You see, a year earlier I had a near drowning accident, and shortly after that I developed Tourette Syndrome. I became hyperactive and tightly wound, and these breathing sessions were my first explorations into healing and personal development. 

For most of my life I’ve been a student of human betterment. I’ve been meditating in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition since I was 18, and have pursued studies and training a wide spectrum of healing and personal development ever since. I’m passionately involved with realizing my own and others’ potential on many levels, including spiritual, somatic, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, and practical day to day.

Certifications and Other Experience