“I was blown away by how quickly I felt results with Craig. Standing up after just one session was like getting a new body. I felt like I was actually standing upright — balanced and relaxed — for the first time in my adult life. After the second session, a chronic uncomfortable tension in my throat released after 15 years! My mind was truly blown.”

-Greg Heffron  –Bellingham WA, USA

When I came to see Craig, I couldn’t even button my shirt because of the pain and loss of mobility in my left thumb. It was the result of an inexplicable soft tissue injury that worsened progressively over the span of a year. Doctors told me to learn to live with it and expect arthritis to set in. The physiotherapist I consulted was much more encouraging but the treatments were only marginally effective and the injury would bounce back in the course of my daily activities. Craig looked at me and asked about recent life events and then went to work. Less than 90 minutes later, the pain in my joint had all but disappeared and I had recovered an amazing amount of mobility. Over the ensuing weeks, I regained strength in my left thumb and was able to resume demanding physical tasks around the garden and the shop. To me, the whole experience bordered on the miraculous.

In Craig’s expert hands, the body is like a fine instrument being tuned to perfect pitch and balance. He probes and finds the dissonant chords, releases hidden tension and restores harmony. Craig has developed a unique and precious skill: his hands can read your body and coax it back to a state of balance. They can seek out deep seated tensions and imbalances and correct them. It’s like being taken apart and reassembled again with all the kinks removed.”

-Michel Tremblay – Fredericton, Canada

I”m 85 years old and have had severe hip pain for over thirty years. After a series of sessions with my son Craig, the hip pain totally disappeared. That was over a year ago, and my hip is still completely pain free.”

-Rex Mollins – Dartmouth, Canada

With Craig’s help, my back has transformed from a rusty hinge with chronic pain, to being pain free, mobile, and light. My muscles work better, I feel stronger, and as measured by my physician I’ve gained two centimetres in height. Also, my joints have regained their balanced spacing, overall they function now like they did in my youth.
-Ehm Gee, Chef – Toronto, Canada
“Craig’s work is amazing. He is a truly skilled practitioner, who brings multiple dimensions and insights to his work. He is sensitive to my body’s changing needs each time I see him, so his work is very effective and I feel transformed after every session. His work has freed up my body so much that my structure has actually improved over the years – I feel better even as I age!”
-J.M. Ash MD – Toronto, Canada

“It is not always easy to find good practitioners, and Craig is a good one. If you suffer from headaches, back pain, chronic pain, bad posture, tight muscles, or are recovering from injury or surgery, he can help. I went to see Craig because I have low back pain and a chronic knee problem from 2 surgeries. After two treatments the result is unbelievable!”

-Mare Harvey – Edmonton, Alberta
“I did a series of sessions with Craig and it helped me tremendously. The results lasted for many years.”

_Candace Boudreau – Halifax, Canada

“Thank you for the mind-altering, body-changing treatment today, Craig. Every little glitch in my body has been steamrolled, coaxed and smoothed out. I am surely a foot taller and my joints have been liberated. I was transported to another dimension and then landed back in my own bones and everything is suddenly clearer. You are a gifted, skilled, intuitive practitioner and I am so lucky to receive treatments from you.”
-Jessica Marsh, Registered Massage Therapist – Halifax, Canada
“I have benefited greatly from Craig’s empowering and transformative sessions over the past few years. Before my last session I had been feeling disconnected from my body and mind, and fifteen minutes into the session I felt so grounded and in-tune with myself that I cried. Sometimes when Craig’s out of the country I have tried working with other therapists, but I feel spoiled now, as I haven’t been able to find anyone even close in their ability to help me.”
-Derek Esler, Toronto Entrepreneur
“Craig’s work has been transformational. Because of it, I am able to manage my scoliosis and live an active, positive life. Craig is a highly gifted practitioner.”
-Trish Barbato, SVP, Home Health & Business Development
“I can’t remember when I’ve felt so comfortable in my own body. I’ve recommended Craig to a lot of people I know.”

-Dan, Entrepreneur – Halifax, Canada

“My experience of the 10 sessions with Craig has been nothing short of miraculous. I feel completely transformed into a much stronger, healthier, and more confident person.”
-Mila – Shiatsu Therapist, Image Consultant, Life Coach
“Craig’s work introduced an important shift in my sense of health and well being. I’ve had bodywork and even Structural Integration in the past, but his insight and skill have opened up a new dimension. For optimum alignment, balance, groundedness, and flexibility, I don’t know anyone I could recommend more.”

-Helen, Author and Teacher – Halifax, Canada

“My first introduction to Craig and rolfing was in the fall of 1999. It was a birthday present from my girlfriend at the time. She had asked Craig if he would be able to help me as she pointed out I was quite a big guy. I started lifting weights in my early teens and 15 years of lifting weights and body building left me quite tight. I had lots of little tendonitis pains all over and had recurrent bouts of lower back pain. I have had previous shoulder injuries in both shoulders and residual scar tissue was abundant. In the first session, Craig took time to explain the uniqueness of rolfing and the benefits I should expect. He was extremely confident that rolfing would do wonders for me. The session began with shoulder/pectoralis work. Being a muscular guy I really liked the “deepness” of the work. Too many massage therapist I had seen in the past would not to deep tissue (I mean deep deep). However, this felt still different from deep muscle work I have had done (like ART or myofascial release). After about 20 min of work on my left shoulder girdle, Craig asked me to stand and just take it all in. Upon standing I felt like my left shoulder was floating upwards almost as if gravity was no longer pulling it down. It made me immediately aware of how much tension the rest of my body was feeling. Especially the right shoulder. The before and after was amazing. I believe I said right there and then I was signing up for the full 10 sessions in the series. We proceeded to do weekly sessions or bi-weekly sessions depending on the times. I remember that at hockey the next day after a session that my body moved more freely. I did however have not have the same fine motor control. That took a few days to catch up. The work Craig did allowed for so much more “input” from the nervous system that it would take a bit of time for the body to learn/process this new input. Fellow hockey players even asked what I was doing different as they could see the difference in my play. My girlfriend said my torso looked more elongated as well. The constant pain I had in my shoulders was considerably less and my 3-4x/yr back pain/spasms went away for over 16 months. I have continued to see Craig since ’99 and will continue to see him as long as he practices. I have been to 3 other rolfers with limited success. Craig is excellent at what he does. If I won the lottery, in addition to my yoga instructor and my pilates instructor, Craig would be included in my first 3 purchases lol. As a chiropractor, I have also included some of his techniques a bit into the myofascial work I provide for my patients. I believe going through the full 10 sessions is vital. And since then we do work depending on my condition. I usually play hockey almost 200x/yr and get many injuries. Craig has helped me through many of them. Sincerely and with much appreciation and thanks,”
-Dr. Kevin J. Medland, D.C. – Toronto, Canada
“I have a had bodywork from many professionals–traditional massage, shiatsu, myofascial release, etc., and nothing compares to the work done by Craig Mollins, which is profound and lasting. My posture, breathing, walking, and general ease with which I move throughout the day has changed. It feels like a new beginning.”
-Jeffery Miller– Halifax, Canada

“Having received Rolfing-style bodywork from many practitioners over the years, I think Craig’s is the best. His technique is gentle but effective — occasionally intense, but not painful. His kind of bodywork can heighten posture, release chronic pain, improve range-of-motion, and restore a sense of natural balance. With his background in Buddhist mindfulness training, Craig’s sessions are also soothing, an opportunity for somatic awakening.”

-Jonah Winters– St. Catherine’s, Canada
“Craig is nothing short of amazing, his treatments are remarkable and he has a passion for what he does. I always leave my sessions feeling amazing. My shoulders are visibly lower, the tension is released from the joints, my posture feels better and there is little to no pain in my shoulders or head. I would definitely recommend structural integration with Craig Mollins to anyone who needs to press the refresh button on their posture like I did or is interested in body work. I can’t say enough great things!”
-Anna Keenan – Toronto, Canada
“I have been seeing Craig Mollins for about 18 years. He is the best. He has helped me with many different body ailments I have had. Thanks Craig!”
-John Prosenko – Toronto, Canada
“On a couple of occasions Craig helped me clear away the residue from injuries by opening up something in my body. I felt no more pain, and was able to engage in sports again. I am yet to experience the 10 sessions, which I’m looking forward to!”
-Stas Zoblinksi – Toronto, Canada