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I help people reconnect with the strength of heart, unblock the life-force energy, and bring forth more clarity, purpose and inspiration.
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Craig is a natural. His coaching encouraged my process in such a way that some of my biggest fears went from unconquerable, to non-existent
–Analuz Sanchez, New York City

Craig’s coaching encouraged me to tap into, and to trust, my own inner wisdom. I felt like the answers were coming from inside myself, but the guidance he provided to find those answers and practice them in my life was invaluable.
Alex Falconer – Toronto, Canada

An Authentic Life's Journey

You know your life can be much more meaningful and fulfilling, but habitual patterns are blocking your way. You’ve been trying different approaches, but it feels like there is some level you just can’t see. Habitual, painful emotions are getting in your way, your relationships are suffering, and you don’t know how to clarify your life path.

I know you feel stuck, and I know how it feels myself. I spent many years dealing with struggle and painful emotions. Gradually I learned to relax and gradually I found confidence and clarity in my relationships and in how I live my life.

I’m a Certified Life Coach with the esteemed Integral Coaching Canada, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a lifelong student of the human condition. I want to tell two things I know for certain about making an authentic journey:

  • One is that the pathway to authenticity is fueled mostly with the heart. The thinking brain needs to step back in order for the depths of the heart. to awaken and come forth.
  • Two is that, ironically, the journey to our true self is much easier when we make it with the support of others who have made, and are still making, this same journey.  

If you are an artist who has reached some kind of blockage in your process, it’s possible to get inside to deeper levels, to access the energies that are locked in habitual patterns, and to restore the natural creative flow.

People with Tourette’s experience a lot of energy and that excess energy can lead to a lot of struggle. But you have relaxation inside of you as a natural resource, everyone does. You can learn to relax you struggles, even just a little bit. And from there, a little bit more, and then a little bit more.

I know how it feels to ‘hold on tight’ most of the day keeping things under control. I know what it’s like to feel judged, feared, and rejected for just being myself. I know how horrible it feels when my tics disturb the peace, even though I don’t want that. I know what it’s like to crave release and relaxation, but to find it doesn’t come, or only comes now and then.

And yet, after decades of exploration, learning and healing I also know what it’s like to calm the storm and ease my deep struggles. Through a great deal of trial and error and a commitment to figuring it out, indeed I have consistent access to relaxation and even peace, when I decide to slow down and tune into it.

As you learn to ease the struggles, you can learn to channel your energy in ways that bring more inspiration and joy. Furthermore, you have amazing talents, wisdom, and goodness to bring forth in your life.

How I May be of Support

As a Tourette syndrome coach I bring together my personal experience with Tourette’s, decades of dedicated meditation training, a wide range of somatic and healing studies, and practical, research-based tools on how people make sustainable life changes.

For Adults with Tourette Syndrome I may be able to help you:

  • Clarify and achieve life goals and desires.
  • Uncover and activate your natural strengths and talents and integrate them into your life.
  • Develop your abilities to be looser and less restricted in body, mind, and breathing.
  • Gain more control over the frequency and/or intensity of vocal and/or physical ticcing.
  • Identify lifestyle and environmental factors contributing to your symptoms, and take steps to deal with them.
  • Find the most effective remedies, techniques and/or resources to help you achieve relief.
  • Gain more confidence and skills in your relationships and social spheres.
  • Struggle less with OCD and/or ADHD.
  • Achieve improvements with sleep.
  • Be less in your head thinking too much about the past or the future.
  • Take better care of yourself with diet, lifestyle, and exercise.

For Parents of a Child with Tourette Syndrome

My coaching may be able to help you support your child with any of the items above, and in addition I may be able to assist you with:

  • Better understanding what your child is going through.
    Being more aware of possible therapeutic options for easing the difficulties of their Tourette Syndrome.
  • Coming up with and implementing effective strategies for how you can better help your child.
  • Coming up with and implementing effective strategies for how you can better take care of yourself as the parent or caregiver of a high-energy child with Tourette Syndrome.

For Children with Tourette Syndrome

For some kids it’s an option to coach them directly, as well as working with you their parent or caregiver. Determining if this is a good option will depend on the child’s and your wishes in this regard. We begin with an initial coaching assessment session with you or other parent/caregiver, and then a session with your child to see if they like it and it feels helpful to them.

The Coaching Partnership

Our coaching sessions will guide and support you to make a journey of life-changing positive growth. The process emerges from a ground of trust and friendship that we’ll create together in the coaching partnership. Vulnerability, radical honesty and kindness unfold into a tender courage, which is at the heart of how you’ll be able to achieve the transformation and outcomes you long for.

My purpose as your coach is to help you clarify and achieve your desired new way of being. We do that via meaningful conversation, powerful questions, and research based tools for creating deliberate conscious change. This includes establishing how you’ll carry your new way forward in your life after the coaching completes.

Coaching Sessions and Fees

There are two ways to do coaching with me. You can do a coaching program of fixed duration and number of sessions. Or, you can do coaching on a session-by-session basis as needed. 

Coaching Programs

Coaching programs are a very focused approach where we create specific goals to achieve within a specified time frame. Programs are more intense, and are appropriate if you are ready for a deep dive approach to achieving your goals and new ways of being. Coaching programs can be made in three or six months.

Single Sessions

If you wish to approach coaching on a session on session-by-session basis this can be a good way to achieve the changes you are seeking. It’s less intense than a program but offers a lighter touch approach where we start fresh session and explore your needs and goals.

Fee Structure

I have three different fees depending on your financial resources.

  1. $150.00 USD / 60 minute session. This is for people with the lower of these two: a monthly income of less than 75,000.00 USD per month, or a net worth of less than $250,000.00 USD.
  2. $250.00 / 60 minute session. This is for people with the lower of these two:  a monthly income between $75,000.00 and $150,000.00 USD per month or a net worth between $250,000.00 – $500,000.00 USD.
  3. $350.00 USD / 60 minute session. This is for people with the higher of these two:  a monthly income more than $150,000.00 USD per month or a net worth over $500,000.00 USD.
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