Everyone has a heart, and it's calling for something.

-Nick Cave

Welcome to my coaching. I help people reconnect with and live from, the confidence and courage of their heart.

You know your life can be much more meaningful and fulfilling, but you haven’t yet found the way to go deeper and access your true self. You know with certainty that you can do it, but need some support and guidance to go further with your journey.

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Craig is a natural. His coaching encouraged my process in such a way that some of my biggest fears went from unconquerable, to non-existent
–Analuz Sanchez, New York City

Craig’s coaching encouraged me to tap into, and to trust, my own inner wisdom. I felt like the answers were coming from inside myself, but the guidance he provided to find those answers and practice them in my life was invaluable.
Alex Falconer – Toronto, Canada

An Authentic Life's Journey

I know you feel stuck, and I know how it feels myself. You’ve been trying different approaches, but it feels like there is some level you just can’t see, a level you don’t have access to. Habitual, painful emotions are getting in your way, and your relationships at home and work are suffering because of it.

You know you’re missing some key pieces in your process, but as yet haven’t found your way to the depths you need to reach. You want to make a journey to get back in touch with yourself, and you want to begin living your life from your true authentic core self.

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and lifelong student of the human condition. I want to tell two things I know for certain about making an authentic journey:

  • One is that the pathway to authenticity is fueled mostly with the heart. The brain will be involved, but it’s secondary to the depths of the heart. If the thinking brain is too much in control the journey will only be stalled.
  • Two is that, ironically, the journey to our true self is much easier when we make it with the support of others who have made, and are still making, this same journey.  
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