Craig Mollins Coaching

Mindfulness, Movement and Life Force:

Unblocking the Creative Flow

A Weekend Retreat

With Craig Mollins

Life Coach, Artist, and Mindfulness Teacher

Come back home to yourself, and learn to work with your own energetic flows.

Everyone knows what it’s like to wake up and realize that our life feels stuck. We feel burdened by the demands of a busy world, things aren’t working out as we had envisioned, and we’ve lost our creative flow and our zest for life.

The basic issue is that we’ve lost touch with who we are on the inside. Financial pressure, status and other stressors of an unbalanced society are continually taking us away from our very own self.

The bad news is that we can’t change the business of the world, but the good news is that we can get learn to live from our authentic self.

Through inner tools we can learn to be present with our own genuine being. We can become grounded again, get back in touch with our heart, and learn to work with our own energetic flow. We become familiar with how we get stuck, and then how to get unstuck. We become more fluid and confident when obstacles arise and we have the internal resources to move through them.

In the process we move beyond the approach of our existence as a burden and struggle. We discover an ongoing journey of learning and growth, and a genuine love of life.

The Retreat

During the weekend we’ll work with several processes:

  • Embodied mindfulness to help us drop out of the thinking brain and into more full presence with body, heart, and energy flows.
  • Sensorial practices to open and clear the doors of perception.
  • Creative practices that help us express directly from the flow of life force

During the weekend we’ll have lots of time in conversation, to ground the lessons, to learn from each other, and to foster a sense of community.

Schedule: 10 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday with a one hour lunch break at 1 pm.

About the Instructor

Craig Mollins is a life coach, artist, somatic educator, and mindfulness teacher. He also has Tourette syndrome, which presents ongoing opportunities to learn about obstructed energy and how to work directly with it, and move through it. 

Craig teaches workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Seattle WA, and Portland OR. You can learn more about Craig here, and see some of his paintings here.

Upcoming Dates and Locations

Vancouver, BC Dates and Location TBA

Victoria, BC Dates and Location TBA