Craig Mollins Coaching

Radical Homecoming

Realigning With Yourself, For Your Own Wellbeing and Success, and for the Greater Good

A Weekend Mindfulness and Group Coaching Retreat

With Craig Mollins

Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

What is life calling you to? What is the uniqueness of you that is emerging, and looking for a home and a place to serve in this world? How do you know what’s our true self, and what’s simply distraction?  

These questions suggest that it’s possible to live from a deeper place, to inhabit life in ways that are more authentic to who we really are.  As we find our way, we gradually discover more clarity, ease and joy.

This isn’t to suggest that life is always supposed to be a smooth flow where we don’t have difficulties. But human existence is filled with beauty and inspiration, and ongoing opportunities to emerge more fully as who we really are. We are magical and ordinary, powerful and humble, beautiful and strange, basically good human beings.

Our true nature is open, clear and bright. And it has never abandoned us for even an instant.

As part of the journey to greater authenticity and life purpose, we learn to see more clearly what’s in the way, including social and cultural conditioning, traumas, and the ever present pressures of ‘more and more and more’ that are always trying to pull us away from our very own self.

Interestingly though, we are not as far off as we might think. Through inner tools we can learn to be present with our own genuine being. We can become grounded again, get back in touch with our heart, and discover our own unique path forward.

The Retreat

During the weekend we’ll work with several processes:

  • Embodied mindfulness to help us drop out of the thinking brain and into more full presence with body, heart, and energy flows.
  • Creative processes to help us loosen up our heady, habitual ways of being and doing, and arrive, with surprise and delight, somewhere deeper and more meaningful.
  • Coaching processes to help us see ourself and our life with more clarity, love and inspiration.
  • Visioning work to clarify our life direction for the next three years, and create specific plans for the next three months.

During the weekend we’ll have lots of time in conversation, to more deeply ground the lessons, to learn from each other, and to foster a sense of community.

Schedule: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday with a one hour lunch break at 1 pm.

About the Instructor

Craig Mollins is a life coach, artist, somatic educator, and mindfulness teacher. He has a great passion for living with purpose, and for helping others find their own authentic ways forward to a more purposeful life. 

Upcoming Dates and Locations

March 2-3, 2024. Mexico City

Fee: $MX 3000.00
Location: Antakarana Healing Arts Centre. Calle Durango, 73, Roma Norte, CDMX
What to Bring: Relaxed clothing, and a notebook and a pen for writing exercise.
Schedule: Saturday and Sunday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. With a one hour lunch break at 1 pm
In English with simultaneous interpretation to Spanish
Registration is limited to 14 participants.

Fall 2024. Vancouver, BC.

Details and Registration to be posted soon.