The Logo Design

The design is based on an image from Tibetan Buddhism known as the Coil of Joy.

The three swirls represent what are traditionally known as the ground, the path, and the fruition.

  1. The ground is the current situation, which is where the journey begins.
  2. The fruition is where we are going, the destination.
  3. And the path is the journey of getting from here to there.

The meaning of joy in this case is that at every moment and step along the way, there is learning, growth, and inspiration.

In my own usage of the image I add two other levels of meaning to the three swirls.

  1. They represent the process of transformation in that what we are transforming is body, mind, and emotions, which are the three fundamental components of our experience.
  2. The three swirls represent the three aspects of my coaching formula: trust, courageous conversation, and transformational tools, as described in the Work With Me page.