Craig Mollins Coaching

Hello again, I'm Craig. I'm glad you are here.

I believe that life is a profound gift, more precious than anything our everyday busy, doing, going mind could ever imagine. I help people slow down, look inside, and uncover the depth of richness they have been missing.

You may have already discovered that finding life purpose is not necessarily easy. A significant reason is that society and the busyness of life are always pulling us away from our very own self. However, we are not as far off as we may think.

Having an experienced life purpose coach by your side as you make the journey offers tremendous support for success.

Craig is a natural. His coaching encouraged my process in such a way that some of my biggest fears went from unconquerable, to non-existent.
Analuz Sanchez – Fashion Designer. New York City

Craig’s coaching brought me just what I needed: a strong ally who believes in my ability to succeed, and the resources to help me make it happen. His empathy, brightness and knowledge of the process make each session meaningful, productive, and joyful.

Bill Sutton – Astrologer at Living Magic

Finding life purpose involves not just what we are doing, but also how we are being. Living with purpose is to slow down the pace, and to sink into the richness and wonder of our experience. From this deeper ground of presence, clarity on what to do with our life emerges as a natural unfolding.

Some people arrive at the quest for life purpose because they have become fatigued, bored, or numbed by their status quo. Some suddenly see the immensity of suffering in the world, and they want to dedicate themselves to making a difference. Others arrive in the midst of crisis and feel an urgency that life is precious and short, and they want to live life fully, whatever it takes. Still others wake up one day and realize that they deeply want to discover and become who and what nature has intended for them.

Maybe you’ve been searching for the right changes to make; a career move, a relocation of your home base, a new relationship, or an inspiring community that will fill your life with a sense of higher purpose, but so far the right changes aren’t obvious. It’s frustrating to have that deep longing, and yet to end up in the same unfulfilling life patterns over and over. You may we wondering, “How can I make a deeper shift?”

Mindsets That Can Get in the Way of Pursuing Life Purpose and How My Coaching Can Help

How I Became Inspired to Serve as a Life Purpose Coach

I’ve been following an inner calling to truth and authenticity ever since I was a teenager. After achieving the highest mark in math and physics in my high school graduating year, two years later I dropped out of engineering school and moved to a Buddhist monastery. Since then Buddhist spirituality has been my life’s heart path. 

Along the way I’ve been a world traveller, thrived for 30 years as a somatic healing practitioner, been successful in real estate investing, and for ten years have taught workshops for physical and emotional balance in cities across Canada, and in Spain and Mexico.

My ongoing commitment to purposeful ways of being give me unshakable confidence that this way of life is intrinsic, it’s foundational to who we are. My experience and my ongoing training also give me insight and skill in helping people move beyond conditioning and traumas, into more purposeful and authentic ways of living.

My Philosophy

Most people feel that we’re somehow deficinent, broken, or in one way or another needing improving. That’s one way to look at it. But another way is that actually, nothing is missing, and nothing is broken. What’s true though is that parts of us have become buried, and so we feel insufficient. The path back to wholeness then is to develop more self awareness, and to unfold the wealth of goodness that we are. As we emerge in this way our natural wisdom and strengths come forth and move into all aspects of our life.

I’m a Certified Life Coach with the esteemed Integral Coaching Canada, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a lifelong student of the human condition. I want to tell you two things I’ve learned about making deliberate conscious change:

  • One is that any transformational journey includes our emotional truths. The thinking brain needs to ease off a little in order for the depths of our body and emotions to awaken and come forth.
  • Two is that the journey of transformation is a lot easier when we make it with the support of others who have made, and are still making, this same journey.  

My Coaching Formula

Powerful Conversation
+ Courageous Self-Reflection
+ Transformational Tools
Powerful Conversation
+ Courageous Self-Reflection
+ Transformational Tools
= More Clarity, Purpose, and Inspiration Going Forward

Because my clients hire me to help them be their best, I’m committed to radically honest and deeply kind conversation. My approach is to honour your personhood and your truth, to insist that you are worthy and good, and to challenge you when I think you are not being honest with yourself. I trust that you will find the best way forward, if given the permission and space to be authentic. This style is the most effective I know of, because when the wisdom comes from you rather than suggestions from me, it resonates and makes a powerful impact. And it lasts.

Coaching conversations and processes help you make a journey into your very own self. You re-discover your natural power bank of strength, confidence, and inspiration. At the same time you gain clarity into how you are showing up, both the ways that are working and those that aren’t. This honest clarity with yourself helps you know what to choose and what to reject, and it helps you live from a more genuine foundation.

Coaching incorporates proven tools from the sciences of transformational change, including neuroplasticity, positive psychology, mindfulness, and others. Our coaching partnership will help you apply these tools to the uniqueness of you and your life. Changes are awakened and integrated, and you learn to embody new ways of thinking, communicating, and living.

The journey of transformational coaching will help you transform yourself on the inside, so that how you think, feel, behave and communicate will create better results on the outside. By ‘better’ I mean more aligned with who you really are, rather than who you ‘think’ you should be, or who others think you should be. Each of us has a unique blueprint of richness that we have to offer the world, something completely different that not a single other person on the planet has. An authentic life has nothing to do with our conditioning, and everything to do with the truth at the very heart of our being. In this way we learn to live, and we take tremendous joy in engaging life – all aspects of life – with authenticity and purpose.

Our coaching sessions will guide and support you to make a journey of life-changing positive growth. The process emerges from a ground of trust and friendship that we’ll create together in the coaching partnership. Vulnerability, radical honesty and kindness unfold into care and courage, which is at the heart of how you’ll be able to achieve the transformation and outcomes you long for.

Coaching Sessions and Fees

There are two ways to do coaching with me. You can do a coaching program of fixed duration and number of sessions. Or, you can do coaching on a session-by-session basis as needed. Programs are more focused and intense, while a session-by-session approach is more spacious. Which is better depends very much on personal style. Some people will learn better with a program, and others with a session-by-session approach. If you’re not sure then I recommend having a couple of sessions and then decide based on your experience.

Fees for the single session approach and for programs are $225.00 CAD / 60 minute session.
I offer in-person life coaching in Kitsilano, Vancouver, or sessions on Zoom. Reach out to schedule a complimentary 30 minute call.