Craig Mollins Coaching


I’ve been a passionate student and explorer of the human condition for as long as I can remember. As a coach I love supporting people as they explore the frontiers of current ways, and move beyond into new ways of being, doing and going. 

My Committments to You

I know, commitments are strange, right? So with these commitments, I add the caveat that even though I will do my best, there will be times when I fail. When I do, I’ll own up and make sure we’re good. Coaching is a relationship after all, and of course the foundation of any relationship is trust.

That being said, here’s what I commit to in all my coaching relationships:

  • I commit to listen to you, and to get out of the way so the true you can shine forth.
  • I commit to being a clear mirror and to reflect back what you share, with no attempt to manipulate or convince you of anything other than the truth you offer up.
  • I commit to asking deep provocative questions, to help you look inside and find what’s real for you.
  • I commit to being your courageous ally, and I won’t hold back in telling you when I think you are fooling yourself and avoiding your very own best self.
  • I commit to holding a caring space, and when painful material and feelings come up I’ll be there with support and resources to help you move through.
  • I commit to supporting your values, strengths, goals, and creativity, and to use all of my life experience, knowledge, and skills, to help you see your wealth clearly without any doubts, and I commit to helping you bring that goodness to the centre of all aspects of your life.
Certifications and Other Experience

I’ve dedicated extensive time to studying and practicing meditation, including many months in retreats, as well as extended stays at Buddhist monasteries in Nepal, India, and Canada. I practice meditation daily, and this mindful presence is one of the strengths I bring to coaching.

Reach out with any questions or to schedule a complimentary 30 minute session.